Aquarium Progress: Week 1


A week after receiving the gift that keeps giving (read: money pit aquarium) a few things have become clear. Not the least of which is that having a bunch of tropical fish in the living room makes me feel like the above photo.

  1. Like her mommy and daddy, babyPrimate loves the fish
  2. We (mommy and daddy) love the fish more than we thought we would
  3. We (all of us) enjoy going to the fish store together


At any rate, we’ve made a few additions this week that make us super happy. I think the first notable addition is a bunch of rocks that mommyPrimate picked up to make a reasonable habitat for the fish.


We had one of these hatchetfish when we inherited the aquarium, so when we saw them at the aquarium store we bought the rest of them to make a school. Now we have a grand total of four.


We were in the market for another Corydoras catfish, and when though selection was a little limited we were thrilled that they had the PANDA variety. Because PANDAS ARE AWESOME.




We are also into the plants, so we added a water sprite and a reaaaally long cabomba that you can see in the first picture. Anyhow, It’s exciting and not nearly as expensive as when I was into the reef aquaria way back when. So YEEHAW.

In other news, still getting into the swing of things with my new position at work, but the baking series shall return soon.

Until next time.