Who do I think I am? Well I’ve got answers now.

My AncestryDNA results came back, and I was a little surprised by the result. If you read the post I made when I put the tube-o-spittle in the mail, you’ll see that my original guess was

  • England/British Isles I’m guessing 55-75%
  • Ireland 5-25%
  • Western Europe (German) 10%
  • Southern European 0-5%
  • Native American 0-5%

The actual results were:

  • 43% Ireland
  • 35% Great Britain
  • 5% Europe West
  • 5% European Jewish
  • 5% Finland/Northwest Russia
  • 2% Scandinavia
  • <1% Italy/Greece
  • <1% Europe East
  • <1% Iberian Peninsula

My top two guesses were pretty close. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of Native American heritage – not because there is anything wrong with Native American Heritage, just that it would mean I screwed up on my family tree somewhere if there actually were some, as the rest of the family seems to believe. Mostly the rest of this makes sense, although I have some new questions:

Where is the Jewish connection in my family? I’m really curious about this.

The farthest back I can get in my mother’s paternal line is a guy named Lorenzo who lived in Liverpool, England at the height of the Atlantic Slave trade. Was he perhaps descended from Portuguese slavers?

I’m clearly descended straight from Socrates and Alexander the Great since I’m <1% Italian/Greek, however I’m wondering if this has anything to do with my 15th great grandfather being a papal notary. Or does it have to do with the Romans and their conquest of the Celtic peoples long, long before that?

Finland/Scandinavia fit in well with the stories of England/Scotland being invaded by Vikings. Specifics pls.

The cool thing is that Ancestry found like 50+ 3rd and 4th cousins of mine genetically, and our family trees all look eerily similar. It makes me think the records at the very least point in the right direction. Hooray!


Who do I think I am?

Did you ever watch that TLC series “Who do you think you are?” where they take a celeb and Ancestry.com the fuck out of them and find out that they were related to xyz famous historical figure? It caused us to get an ancestry.com membership a few years back and I found out a lot about my family and heritage. I think.

For father’s day my wife and daughter gave me an Ancestry DNA kit, which is either going to validate my results or point us in a different direction altogether. I thought it might be fun, before spitting in the tube and whatnot (if I spat in the tube right now I’d come up 25% avocado, 50% coffee, and GMO chicken) to take a guess at what I think the results will be in 6-8 weeks.

YES, this isn’t a post about baking. YES I’ve continued to bake. NO I haven’t written about it because frankly we’ve been doing yard work and playing in the inflatable pool and such. We even started going to an Episcopal Church. Perhaps we’re trying to live a little more of an Unplugged life.

I think we’re going to find the following trends in my bloodline:

  • England/British Isles I’m guessing 55-75%
  • Ireland 5-25%
  • Western Europe (German) 10%
  • Southern European 0-5%
  • Native American 0-5%

If my ancestry.com work is at all correct, my people came to the Americas from Scotland 250 years ago, with some late mix-ins from Prussia. There is rumor of native american blood in my family, but no one seems able to prove it, and when we were traveling through the Mediterranean I felt like I looked like I fit in WAY too well, but I have not familial records to prove it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some Iberian/Italian/Greek DNA in the mix somewhere, but if I’m judging based on complexion that could also be Native American giving me an olive-y tone, right? Who knows. This is so fascinating. At any rate, when I get my results I will share here and see just how far off base I am and how little I really know about my family history. 😀