It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas: Vivaldi’s Gloria

Every year at about this time I get the urge to to listen to Vivaldi’s Gloria again. Every year it gives me nightmares. Twenty years ago, as a 15 year old high schooler I was in my local Youth Orchestra, and we played Vivaldi’s Gloria at our Christmas concert. I played the trumpet. I lacked range, and struggled to not make the faster bits sound like a duck with diarrhea. I lost track of what movement we were in. I missed the biggest trumpet moment in the Cum Sancto Spiritu, and for a long time I hated this work.

Twenty years later, I think…it wasn’t so bad. The bad part about this is that it was 20 years ago. That is absolutely nuts. I have a grown up job and a family now. I shouldn’t have carried so much stress about it. I should have enjoyed it more. I took music too seriously. Way too seriously. Maybe that’s why it lost the joy factor for me for such a long time.

At any rate, Vivaldi’s Gloria ranks at the top of my Christmas choral music favorites now, after a recovery period of only two decades. At any rate, enjoy this baroque masterpiece as done by The English Concert. Looks like they use period instruments. Great setting for this kind of thing, too.