FOUND RUINS, THEY OLD: My favorite ancient places

It was a rough spring and summer for weather here in South Texas. In April we had perhaps the most damaging storm my city has ever scene. Cars and houses looked as if they had been sprayed by machine guns after millions of baseball-sized chunks of ice fell out of the sky in a span of about 20 minutes. We got through that okay, but boy oh boy did it freak the dogs out. Okay, so what the hell does this have to do with ancient places? Good question! You see, I have things I want to write about but sometimes I can’t think of a title. A good title is very important to me, especially when writing a series.

Great #Theatre at #ephesus #turkey. #travel

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At any rate. We were keeping up with Nextdoor pretty well at that point, and during a storm some time after the big one, we saw a post about a lost dog that showed up in someone’s garage. It just said FOUND DOG, HE SCARED. So anyway, the title of this series simply pokes fun at the ommission of the verb to be, a grammatical practice that makes modern user-generated content kinda hilarious.

#pompeii #italy #ancient

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Explanation aside, I think I’ll just drop some names of places we will be visiting in this series. Athens. Ephesus. Rhodes. Santorini. Kos. Rome. Pompeii. See where I’m going with this?

#athens #greece #travel

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I look forward to taking this written journey down my memory lane with you, just as we have made it a good way down the road of the Masterpieces of Light and Space series.


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