Learning to bake with daddyPrimate: Macarons (or: delicious deferral of success)

Macarons are notoriously testy when it comes to measurement, moisture, baking, preparation, not beating the merengue too hard (heh heh heh) and knocking all of the air out of it, etc. But I love the way they taste. And so does mommyPrimate.

This weekend is Mother’s Day in the good old U.S. of A. I think it might be that three years ago we were in France on Mother’s Day, eating macarons, croques monsieur, and soupe du poisson, but for whatever reason, mommyPrimate was all like “for mother’s day I want homemade macarons.” Knowing the varying degrees of success I’ve had with them in the past, I said “sure, honey.” On the inside I was like…


So after a bit of dickering about flavors, I decided to do lavender. It’s classic, it’s french, it tastes like Froot Loops cereal. So I whipped (and naynayed) the eggs, carefully mixed in the nuts and the sugar. Piped them onto the pan. Dropped it (turns out I did this step too early and they didn’t form feet), and let them rest.

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My #macaron shells have nipples #fail #baking #fml

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They had fucking nipples. I tried to flatten them or at least make it look like they had pasties. NO JOY. They baked with fucking nipples. NIPPLES I TELL YOU. So I let them cool and stuffed them with some homemade buttercream.

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Finished up. Imperfect little #macarons for #mothersday

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So of course I had to try one, and I was all like:


They taste like macarons, have the texture of macarons, but look like my toddler baked them. I’m going to call this a success.