This weekend, Mrs. Primate, babyPrimate and I loaded into the car (on Thursday, actually) and drove 3.5 hours or so over to my father-in-law’s place in Houston for the Easter holiday. I love going to visit he and his wife. They’ve got interesting opinions, are fun to talk to, and they live in a really cool (and heavily Korean) neighborhood.

grandpaPrimate and yiayiaPrimate were eager for some time alone with babyPrimate it seems, because at nap time for a first two days we were there they kicked us out of the house with a “don’t you worry about the baby we’ve got it from here, go out and enjoy yourselves.” So we did.


Our first big adventure was IKEA (read: meatballs) where we got some stuff we’ve been eyeing in the catalog for the kitchen and some containers for our growing flour collection. I also picked up a new Lingonberry jam, and a Cloudberry jam because I thought “it’d be fun to put a Scandinavian twist on macarons!” That’s next week’s baking project, I think.

Anyhow, after wandering through IKEA where I took like 8,000 steps according to my Fitbit, we drove over to Super H Mart…a Korean mega-grocer. IT WAS TOTES LEGIT, BITCHES.


So when you walk in the first thing you might notice is the LOUD K-Pop blasting from the speakers, and the fact that there is a cosmetics booth at the door. Every big store in Korea has cosmetics up front, I’d say. The produce section was beautiful, and damn that bok-choy looked good. All the labels were in Korean with smaller print for English descriptions on some items. Definitely helpful to know how to read Korean and what they call things.


Anyway we just picked up a couple basics. You know, sentimental favorites from a bygone era.

Stocked up on some basics this weekend at H Mart #Korean #japanese #food #lol

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