Learning to Bake with daddyPrimate: Gyeran-bbang – Korean Egg Muffins

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About a million years ago, mommyPrimate and I lived in Korea. I could go on and on about Korea, how it’s a giant clash of ancient and modern, industrial and traditional, etc and so on. What I’m really here to talk about today is something we discovered only a couple of days before we left Korea in 2013. Gyeran-bbang. Egg muffins.

It was a cold day, and we were making a last trip to Seoul to kinda say farewell to the country that hosted us so graciously for a couple of years and kept us employed through the worst recession the US had seen since the great freaking depression. We got to Seoul around noon, took the subway to the stop we wanted, and got out, heading towards the palace we wanted to take photos at. It was cold that day. It had been the coldest winter in Korea in something like 45 or 50 years, and we were hungry.

The little tented food stalls on the street in Korea always seemed like a good place to get out of the cold wind for a minute, and we saw one that looked interesting. I mean, there was a line, so we got in it. The man behind the little counter was making little loaves of bread. We got 2 of them, and when we bit into the sweet dough, there was a motherfucking EGG inside. It was delicious.

Fast forward five years. I’ve got a house, a kid, a career, and all sorts of other grown up shit. I click on a bookmark while I’m derping on the internet last night and I see that Maangchi has posted a recipe for Gyeran-bbang, the little egg muffins we discovered that last day in Seoul. I thought “that’s cool, I’ll try it one day.” Then fell asleep.

I woke up this morning, mommyPrimate was out for a run, and babyPrimate was still asleep, and I looked at the recipe again. I had everything I needed and it looked easy. So I did it.

When mommyPrimate got home from her run I pulled these puppies out of the oven and BAM. THEY WERE JUST LIKE THE ONES WE HAD IN KOREA. ANNYEONG HASEYO, BITCHES.

Anyhow, Maangchi’s blog is amazing, her recipes always work, and it made my day start out with some warm fuzzy feels from a long time ago in a country far, far away.


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