There’s no continuation to my baking series this week because I took a new position at work and decided to relax in the evening each day this week instead of plan and bake. That series should resume soon.


One thing I did manage to do this week though, is get out into the garage and lift, lift, lift. All in the pursuit of looking and feeling better. I’m already fitting into my clothes again (there was a minor issue where I recently needed to wear a suit and spent the day fearing that my ass was going to explode out of the pants like store-bought biscuits out of a can), and I think I’m on track to look as good as or better than I did on my honeymoon by summer.

Which leads to the #goals revelation I had planned here. Here are my goals for this summer:

  1. Jump into the ocean
  2. Stand up paddleboarding
  3. Just hang out on a beach
  4. So yeah, that’s basically it.

Author: Charlie

Thirty-something husband and father. Aspiring baker. Decent cook. Childish humorist. General enthusiast.

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