daddyPrimate masters the art of French cooking: Fricassée de poulet à l’ancienne

Today I become a master #food #cooking #french

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For Christmas, my sister gave me a copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I’ve wanted a copy of this for years, as it’s the basic cookbook. Well, when we were doing our meal planning for this weekend and next week I said “let me pull a recipe” and started digging through the book. I had nearly settled on coq au vin when I saw fricassée de poulet a l’ancienne. A classic chicken fricassee. Then Julia’s description called it a traditional Sunday dinner and I was sold.

Oignons glacés à blanc #food #foodporn #cooking

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But the thing with Julia Child is that she will have two or three subcomponents that need to be made either concurrently or before you start on the main dish. This one had two, oignons glacés au blanc, and stewed mushrooms. The onions involved making a little bouquet of  herbs and stewing the whole pearl onions in dry white wine and butter for like an hour. IT SMELLED AMAZING.


The aromas in the house just got better, though. After lightly browning the chicken in a mirepoix it was covered with boiling chicken stock and wine, left to stew and thicken with flour, then the broth was fortified with the juices from the onions and mushrooms, whipping cream, and egg yolks. EGG YOLKS.


Anyway, I served it, per Julia’s suggestion on white rice with buttered peas on the side. It was DELICIOUS.

When we finally got babyPrimate started on eating, mommyPrimate and I were all like:



Because that shit was good. We’ve packed it up for lunches tomorrow. And when the microwave in the break room dings, I’m going to be all like:


That said, the art of French cooking isn’t something you can do every day unless you’re going to buy bigger pants, so it might take this daddyPrimate a while to master the art of French cooking.


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