Learning to bake with daddyPrimate: Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen)

I’ve made cakes before. From boxes. I’ve even made a cake from scratch before, but that got rolled up into a swiss roll for a Buche De Noel. I’ve never made a three layer cake and stuffed it with booze-soaked fruit until today. As promised in my last post, I’ve made a Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen, or for you non Deutschsprecheren, a Black Forest Cake.


This cake is German, and as I have some German blood in my veins and minored in German language in college, I wanted it to be as damn authentic as possible. I found a recipe that really spoke with me, because the post started out with As a German woman…and though I am neither German nor a woman, I was looking for an authentic recipe from Deutschland for this cake. Also the description was for a dessert that wouldn’t be too sweet but would really kick you in the head with alcohol. HELLO.


So I baked the cakes. Rather than using baking powder the recipe called for buttermilk and baking soda, a combination which I learned yesterday is just mixing an acid (buttermilk) with a base (baking soda) which is how the cake gets its rise. I evenly divided the batter by weight into 3 9″ baking tins and popped them in my oven for about 20 minutes, let them cool, and then covered them with kirschwasser that I soaked the cherries for the filling in overnight.

So I stacked it, assembled it with a layer of booze-soaked cherries in between each layer of sponge, and iced it with whipped creme (and more booze) icing. By the way, holy shit does an offset spatula make it easy to ice a cake or what. WHO KNEW?

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So after dinner we sliced it open, and I looked on with trepidation as mommyPrimate took a bite. She liked it! I was really worried that the cherry flavor was making it too sweet, but honestly with the chocolate-not-too-sweet sponge and the bite of the alcohol in the cherries it wasn’t too sweet at all. Good thing, because we’re eating this thing until later this week when I take on a Victoria Sponge.



Author: Charlie

Thirty-something husband and father. Aspiring baker. Decent cook. Childish humorist. General enthusiast.

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